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Roberta Hershenson

A sampling of articles I have written for publications.

A Jab and a Bubble in the Eye

From my article in NYCitywoman, 1/7/2022 "Our eyes are a wonder, a source of poetry. But inside our bodies, they are literal, not metaphorical. They weep and itch, redden and swell; they weaken with age. Our lifelong instinct, our duty, is to...

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A Celluloid Visionary Gets His Due

From my article in NYCityWoman: "As I watched the assorted footage presented in the Jewish Museum’s exhibit Jonas Mekas: The Camera Was Always Running, I often found myself on the brink of tears. You don’t see many films like Mekas’s these...

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A Violin Concerto Beats the Mall

(From my article in the New York Times March 5, 2006) Scarsdale - FOR a music prodigy, Harriet Langley is refreshingly down to earth. She attends a local private middle school, goes to movies with her friends and keeps a menagerie of stuffed...

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Tackling Giuseppe Verdi

(From my article in the New York Times June 17, 2007) ATOP a derrick 300 feet above the Gulf of Mexico, Lawrence Harris decided what to do with his life. Mr. Harris, a Texas native, was a professional football player whose career was foundering...

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