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Roberta Hershenson

A sampling of articles I have written for publications.

A Jab and a Bubble in the Eye

From my article in NYCitywoman, 1/7/2022 "Our eyes are a wonder, a source of poetry. But inside our bodies, they are literal, not metaphorical. They weep and itch, redden and swell; they weaken with age. Our lifelong instinct, our duty, is to...

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A Celluloid Visionary Gets His Due

From my article in NYCityWoman: "As I watched the assorted footage presented in the Jewish Museum’s exhibit Jonas Mekas: The Camera Was Always Running, I often found myself on the brink of tears. You don’t see many films like Mekas’s these...

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‘Ringers’ Give the Gift of Voice

(From my article in the New York Times December 8, 2005) MUSIC fans may notice certain faces popping up regularly in concerts this holiday season, whether the group on stage is the Riverdale Choral Society, the Sound Shore Chorale or a church...

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A Violin Concerto Beats the Mall

(From my article in the New York Times March 5, 2006) Scarsdale - FOR a music prodigy, Harriet Langley is refreshingly down to earth. She attends a local private middle school, goes to movies with her friends and keeps a menagerie of stuffed...

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Tackling Giuseppe Verdi

(From my article in the New York Times June 17, 2007) ATOP a derrick 300 feet above the Gulf of Mexico, Lawrence Harris decided what to do with his life. Mr. Harris, a Texas native, was a professional football player whose career was foundering...

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