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Roberta Hershenson

A sampling of articles I have written for publications.

Debating The Mozart Theory

(From my article in the New York Times August 6, 2000) NEVER mind that Mozart's concertos strike peaceful chords in music lovers. In academia, the battle lines are drawn, and the next salvo in the Mozart wars is about to be fired. Researchers are...

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Stitching History From the Holocaust

(From my article in NYCITYWOMAN.COM) How the discovery of a pack of dress designs in a basement in Milwaukee is keeping the spirit of Hedy and Paul Strnad alive. It’s the stuff of fiction—a Milwaukee man cleans out his mother’s basement, discovers...

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All About Redheads

(From my article in NYCITYWOMAN.COM ) Redheads are a photographer’s dream and a painter’s paradise. But are they here to stay? Have you noticed the large number of redheads on the sidewalks lately? Maybe you are one of them, by nature or by choice....

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