Surely there is. Music is part of something bigger out there. The universe hums. Whales sing. Day-old babies widen their eyes when their mothers croon a lullaby. Music is not something separate we hear through our headphones; it is integral to however life is defined. I believe one day the word “music” will be thought quaint and old-fashioned.

For now, though, it is a good word. Say “music” and my pleasure center lights up. I am my four-year old self in my mother’s kitchen, her radio tuned to classical music. I am a college student in Boston’s Symphony Hall, hanging onto each note of Schubert’s “Unfinished” Symphony. I am a chorus member singing Verdi, Mozart, Handel, and Gershwin on stage at Carnegie Hall.

Life-affirming music is the third movement of Haydn’s “London” Symphony. It is Paul Simon’s genius, Neil Diamond’s emotion, Barbra Streisand’s vocal range; Post Malone’s rhythm; Randy Newman’s wit; Dua Lipa’s confidence; the Killers’ compassion, and every cell in Leonard Cohen’s brain.

Music is Rock that does not let you sit still. It is the penetrating Rap loved by a twelve-year old I know. It is the ambient sound of Harold Budd.

A good day is a day I hear something new that I want to hear again. And again. And then I do.

Want to hear some Martian music? Visit the NASA Mars Mission website.